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Jan 15, 2013

15.1.2013 part 2

- you get a free slot along with the tier 1 Chinese tank even if you have empty slots in your garage
- the 113, 120, 121, WZ 131/132 tanks have the same internal layout as the T-54, eg. the ammo rack is at the back of the tower and behind the frontal armor on the right side, the fuel tanks are also there
- announcements about tanks splits and transfers (IS-4, KV split etc.) had strong impact on the amount of those vehicles (both in hangars and in games)
- the aforementioned is not expected to happen with the artillery being transferred to tier 10, as the arty won't improve (quite the opposite)
- it's not yet sure whether the introduction of tier 10 arty will mean that the hardcap will get disabled or not
- Meeting engagement shouldn't be enabled for tier 1-2 vehicles, seems like this bug appeared in 0.8.3 - Storm will investigate tomorrow
- 120mm M62-T2 and M58 guns have the same primary (silver) penetration and different gold penetration "due to different shells"
- regarding the plans to revive tanks long gone (SS: T23): "no comment", however the former tier 10 Chinese heavy (from 0.8.2 test) was incorporated into the tier 9 heavy.
- no plans to enhance the flightpath of the projectile in sniper mode
- T110E3 and E4 recieved the 155mm guns straight away because (unlike the mediums) there are no tier 10 TD's in the game with unlockable guns
- the Chinese top tanks' names consist of numbers only because "Chinese comrades said it's that way and they know about the Chinese tanks more than anyone else"
- tank guns aren't balanced only around gun penetration, but also around other characteristics (SS: Storm explaining why the tier 9 Chinese tank has good penetration, there is a lot of "WZ120 is overpowered" whine)
- Object 268 and Object 704 won't get a damage nerf


  1. What happens for tier 8 arties owners when their arty get moved to tier 10? Do they get any sort of compensantion or the new tier 8 unlocked?

    1. Not clear yet. Judging from the previous cases, the tier 8 vehicle owners will simply get a tier 10 vehicle, but that is my speculation.

  2. Thanks dude, reading every post ;)

    One question though: Why is everyone walking (well surfing) around with Tanith emblems by now? I mean, they are cool, but... :D

    1. No idea, as far as I know, it's only me on WoT EU forum

    2. No, alphalegion too ;)
      You read the boocks? ot all, but most at least for me ;) love them :D
      Oh well good night and keep that translating, you're helping more than you think (or you're a damm arrogant prick :D)


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