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Apr 20, 2013

Q&A Experiment - answers

Alright, here's what I could find. The answers written with regular test are based on what I could find from real developer answers, answers in italic are my personal speculation.

Keep in mind that I am just a player, not a developer. Hence, I can't guarantee that the answers are correct or up-to-date, all I can is try my best.

Q: Why are replacement premium tanks for the Chinese Type 59 and WZ-111 being created as opposed to placing them back in (or implemented on other servers)?
A: Type 59 was removed from the sales, because for a premium tank, it was overpowered (it was as good as a regular tank). WZ-111 is scheduled to remain exclusive on Chinese server. Both will be replaced by a proper heavy and medium hightier vehicle (the heavy tank was named "112" and it's possible it will appear in 8.7. Nothing is known of the medium tank.

Q: Is There Any Chances that Indonesian Flag will appeared in the Game?
A: Eventually they will add more flags, but it has very low priority

Q: Will they look at using more small destruction targets, secondary capping areas or domination type victory mechanics so as to reduce the benefits of camping, rather than simply relying on artillery ?
A: I am sorry, I don't understand the question. If you mean whether the modes you mentioned will be implemented, I very much doubt so, it has been stated that more complicated modes wouldn't work in random battles.

Q: 1. What you think of the chances that the map-making tools be released to the public, and then the devs review and balance what they get out of that? 2. Aside from independent suspension, what else can we expect with client-side physics?
A: 1. In World of Tanks, zero, this won't happen. 2. Turrets being ripped off by explosions, destroyable small modules (such as the toolboxes and tools on the vehicles), moving antennae on tanks, realistic destruction of small objects, such as walls, wooden fences etc.

Q: Is it possible to see the assault gun line from the stug 3 become its own branch of TD's all the way till Sturmtiger or just an addition to German TD's(As in more options)? 
A: There is enough material for 3-4 more German branches. Nothing has been confirmed however (but yes, I think that is completely possible).

Q: What sort of mods are considered cheating and checked for with the new anti-cheat system ? I only use jimbo's sights is that ok to use ?
A: The official list of banned mods is available on Russian server. Basically, it's zoom mods (allowing bigger zoom in snipermode, artillery zoom), defoliants (leaf and bush removers), anything that tampers with the look of the tracers, 3D hitskins, laser pointer mods. Jimbo targetting is okay I think, though there has been an issue on Russian server with some arty mod that showed the shell flighttime (Damocles Sword or something like that).

Q: Will there be stat changes to the existing t8 artis? Specially T92?
A: There will be a huge rebalance of vehicles in 8.6 (yes, there will be a rebalance of some parameters, notably the repair costs were confirmed, but how exactly - that's unknown)

Q: We know that ventilation and BiA gives a bonus to Commander's Mentor skill. But what about consumables like chocolate, coke etc.? Do they also give a bonus to Mentor for that 1 battle?
A: Yes, they do, but the bonus is extremely small

Q: Are multi-threading optimizations in the works?
A: I assume this has something to do with multi-core support. I'm sorry, I am not an IT guy so I don't know what exactly that is. It is known that the system is planned to stay as it is now, but the additional core will be tasked with computing the client physics (Havok).

Q: Will the height reduction on the leopard 1 increase its camo values? Also anything new on the proposed increase of accuracy on the move?
A: Camo values are a secret stat, so you won't get the answer on that. Personally, I doubt that.

Q: Are there any possibilities that british 10 tier heavy tank can change to another tank? Actually I know FV215B is not planned for 120mm. I know that Fv215B was planed for 183 and FV215B 120mm vesion was just for paper plan. And are there plan which include new british heavy or medium tank?
A: No plans for the replacement atm (though Wargaming has been checking out the Chieftain prototype, so it's possible that at some point in distant future, such a change will happen).

Q: What is know so far about skill-based matchmaking?
A: It won't be implemented for randoms, but it's possible such a thing will appear in the new upcoming 7/42 mode.

Q: Why do the ruskies get our beta tank, the M4A2E4, whilst we do not get the KV-220? Why not just make a seperate tester M4A2E4 like they did with KV-220?
A: Please don't ask such pointless stuff, beta is two years gone already. Even if I asked that in the RU thread, all I would get would be trolling such as "OMG russian bias".

Q: Is there a general timeframe set for the 7v7 "ranked" matches' introduction? This year, or next year maybe?
A: No exact timeframe yet (from what I could gather, if you ask "when", the answer will always be "when it's done", sorry)

Q: Hi, can you please ask for me why Type 62 has commander/radio man and WZ131 (I think it is same tank as 62) and 132 loader/radio man? And if there is a posibility they will make crew roles on all 3 tanks same.It is not good when you have to choose if you want learn radio operator skills for wz 132 or type 62 and not be able to use them on other vehicle.
A: Because it was so in real life (sorry, that's the best answer you are going to get in general)

Q: 1.On a previous Q&A serB said that "BIA allows perks to be activated at 95%". But ingame I do not see the greyed out perk button light up after getting to 95% on a perk as second skill. Is the perk active now just not showing or am I missing something?
2. Is there plans to make alteration to tanks that perform underwhelming to its peers instead of a straight buff or nerf? Such as giving different guns or different engines?
3.If possible can you please tell us if the german second TD line will have comparable guns to the current TD line or it will have more powerful guns in exchange for virtually no armor? Will they follow the normal german trend of lowish gun depression or will they have gun depression like the dicker max?
4.If the prem consumables that are now available for credits not used much or deemed too expensive will their costs be decreased? Like 10-15k instead of 20k.
5.Does HE shells have more chance of causing ammo rack detonations? And does HEAT have the same chance of causing the same as AP/APCR?
 A: 1. It was most likely some misunderstanding, I will look for an answer later. 
2. Words "buff" or "nerf" are general categories, which include any positive or negative changes. Thus, asking for a different engine or gun is simply asking for a buff or nerf. Devs will always tell you "if necessery".
3. Official: details will be told later Unofficial: 2nd German line will most likely be more fragile, but heavily armed. You can check the depression for known vehicles (Sturer Emil, Marder III) on the internet already, as for those others that never existed (Waffentr├Ąger Panther, Tiger, E-100), that's speculative.
4. If necessery (currently nothing like that has been confirmed though)
5. No and Yes

Q: question only to SerB: Do you want to make out with my dog Majka ?
A: No, he said he wouldn't want to make your only sex partner cheat on you.

Q: Is it a possibility we will see more inter-war 1918 - 1936 tanks for World of Tanks, like prototype vehicles developed during this era and other noticeable vehicles that aren't included in the current tech trees? 
A: Yes, for example the Christie tanks, there was also a talk about the British Mk. tanks from WW1 eventually

Q: Will there be global map cross server Clan Wars (EU vs. RU vs. NA etc.) so clans can dish it out on a world wide scale
A: I think such a thing was mentioned as a long term goal

Q: 1) Will there be anything (WarThunder like) like unlocking painting/ spec camos for how u play with tank? I mean for example after 500 win with 1 tank u will unlock camo with leafs, zimerit etc for this tank visible for every1 ( )
2) Is there a possibility of adding a new module: "transmission" and do not count transmission as module: "engine"?
3) Will germans have any more modern tank than Leopard 1? (Im not asking for a modern tank with rockets etc just asking for later tanks with more modern radio, engine etc than Leopard 1 have for example)
4) Reticles: will there be in future stand non moving reticle? (reticle which will not catch on objects like a magnet when u aim on tank which is behind an object the reticle jump on this object [self-moving] instead of holding the direct point on which u aiming)?
5) Will there be anything like better zooming in sniper mode for sniper tanks or for tank about we know they have better optics than others?
A: 1) Maybe in some very distant future (I have seen the Zimmerit effect specifically mentioned as not being implemented anytime soon)
2) No, this has been denied many times
3) No (while I haven't seen this specifically denied, even the Leopard 1 pushed the boundaries already, what would you want - a Leopard 2?)
4) No
5) No, this has also been specifically denied

Q: With the introduction of a scout lines will there be a reassignment of roles for tanks like Panzer 38nA, M5A1 or A-20?
A: Nothing changes for them, except for the fact they will have that "scout" label and the MM will balance their presence so both sides have roughly the same amount of scouts

Q:   For how long do you plan to develop WoT/keep it alive? Did anyone from the dev team watch Girls und Panzer? If yes - how did they feel about it?
A:  Devs know about it AFAIK, they feel the way 40-45 year old men do feel about anime with teenage girls :) No, seriously, this is really not the kind of stuff I'd want to ask them.

Q: Anything about the Sherman Firefly lately? Is it still planned as an actual tank or have they changed there minds to make it a premium tank...?
A: When it's done, it's done (it is not planned for 2013 as far as I know). It will be a regular vehicle.

Q: Are WG going to implement "damage by spotting' into user statistics, both on game client (service record) and web?
A: No, not necessery (this has been replied not so long ago, I hope I got this right, will doublecheck later)

Q: Are there any chances to see other Porsche tanks (e.g.: Porsche Typ 245, Typ 250, Typ 255, Porsche E-25 design, VK 100.01(P))?
A: According to Overlord, there are no plans currently to introduce the VK100.01(P). E-25 will appear in WoT as premium vehicle. As for the rest, at this moment no plans to introduce additional heavy branch have been announced.

Q: Is there any chance of reworking FV4202´s armor plus its HESH shells?
A: If necessery (which means no)

Q: Is there Any Chances that Russian Flag will appeared in the Game?
A: There is one already o.O

Q: Would it be possible to make shells have mass and thus kinetical energy? 
A: No, this has been specifically denied. Too complicated and it would lead to all sorts of weird behavior.

Q: Is there any chance that the flag of the GDR will appear in the game?
A: Doubtful.

Q: Will the WOT premium account be shared among World of Warplanes and World of Warships when those game will reach some open beta phase?. I heard that free XP will be shared, what about credits?
A: Actually yes, I think Storm wrote a few months ago about a plan to unify them. It was said they are not yet decided on details.