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Mar 10, 2013

Another German T7 LT alternative

Author: sandmann_bk

A Russian author (player) publishing on the developer blog found an interesting alternative for German tier 7 light tank - the Hispano-Suiza HS 30 mit 90mm Bord K.

This light tank (or tank destroyer, depending on the classification) was built on the multipurpose HS 30 hull, developed in Switzerland by Hispano-Suiza. Several vehicles utilizing this hull were in West-German service - amongst them being the Sch├╝tzenpanzer-lang IFV as well as self-propelled mortars, tank destroyers and other light vehicles. It was constructed in 1958, but this particular vehicle was not accepted in service neither in Germany nor in Switzterland. Another project, the Kanonenjagdpanzer HS 30 with the gun installed directly in frontal plate was also not successful - the Bundeswehr adopted the Raketenjagdpanzer I (also built on the HS 30 chassis) instead. The Germans didn't scratch the cannon-armed tank destroyer idea completely, but they built it on another chassis.

Tank weight - 11 tons
Engine - 220-240hp
Maximum speed - 58 km/h (other sources state up to 65 km/h)
Armor thickness - 10-30mm
Armament - 90mm DEFA or Mecar

And this is how the vehicle looks now:


  1. It fist in the european tree, but not german...

  2. i think we all know that whole europe is german we just let you believe it isn't ;P

    1. Well I think the whole point of this vehicle is that it is somewhat compatible with RU251 via the gun.

    2. my guess is, WG doesnt want to find another tank... as stated somewhere else, the aufkl. panther is exactly how WG wants german tanks to be.

      Big, easy to hit, useless in most combatsituations and slow.

      This tanks wouldnt be, so WG doesnt even consider it... tbh there are plenty of vehicles possible to be T7 lights, but they are not as it is intended.

    3. +1

      Scaling and historically accurate dimensions are definitely not a forte of this game. Just take a look at IS-3, T95 (smaller than they should be) and Tiger II, Jagdtiger, VK1602 (larger than they should be)...

      Working as intended?

  3. Everything is better than the aufk.Panther.

  4. A few hundred Kanonenjagdpanzers were adopted for service, but got turned into observation and ATGM carriers soon after.

  5. So many tanks to choose and WG is gonna implement fictional shit with panther hull and vk28 turret....why? bcs it's gonna be fail as light tank and it's german...what more reason do we need....dickheads from WG...i hope they die in some accident...

    1. The recon Panther actually existed in blueprints. Now, the tak that WG calls the T110E4 never existed. The T110E3 that's in game is actually the E4.

  6. the last pic looks like a T-25


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