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Mar 22, 2013


- Q: "Storm, is the test coming?" A: "Winter is coming..."
- the bug where the two aim crosses (one aimed by the player, one where the gun aims) sometimes don't combine properly (notable on Redshire) is known, it's being solved
- for now, the player chat command "I'm under fire" is not planned
- tier 2 premium tank destroyers and arties are apparently not planned, as all of them were special-purpose vehicles with only a narrow use
- US/German actor voiceover is not planned for now (SS: to explain - Russian client of the game will get a Russian voiceover made by local famous actors)
- voiceover with developer voices is also not planned :)
- gold shells: the fact that some tanks have very useful gold shells (SS: 105mm T5 derp) while others have completely useless gold shells compared to the regular ammo (SS: Mk103 or the 7,92mm gold ammo comes to mind) is not viewed as a problem by the devs
- players will be able to switch the client physics (havok) off, it won't increase the size of the client, it will contain realistic destruction of objects and buildings, the independent suspension (each wheel reacts to the surface realistically) and small objects on the tank (antennae, boxes) behaving according to physics
- the turret flying off after the vehicle destruction will be handled server-wise, the realistic destruction of tracks (pieces flying off) will most likely be also implemented, the tools (spades etc.) installed on the tank flying off are also possible, but not guaranteed
- the client won't be stressed more with the introduction of client physics (Storm's reaction on the question: *facepalm*)
- devs have not considered increasing TK penalty for each additional subsequent shot
- two sniper medals in a battle won't be implemented
- Storm has not read the Song of Fire and Ice, but he likes the Game of Thrones TV series a lot
- really big maps are planned for distant future
- a shell that penetrated the tank and killed a crewmember will continue flying, it might damage additional module
- a shell that penetrated the tank and did hit an already dead crewmember hitbox will also continue flying and it might damage additional module
- female voiceover for tanks was not considered


  1. Finally... a similarity to the Frostbite engines... building destructability! Imagine having arty pummel the castle on Himmelsdorf and having it crash down on top of the tanks on the 7/8 line!

    1. I bet that they mean just those small building that are destructible now, not everything on the map

    2. Yes, neviem has it right. I doubt anything that wasn't destructable until now will be in the future.

    3. Nah.. if I recoil well they've said that you will be able to damage all buildings, but that the overall level of destruction won't be too great [ For example you can't destroy whole Himmelsdorf ]

      And yeah, I can bet that falling pieces of buildings probably won't damage tanks..


    4. As it will be possible to turn havok off, it's not possible to make everything destructible - players without it would see the environment differently

  2. winter is comming...storm is watching too much game of thrones :)

    1. Actually, I've read the whole series, he misses out a lot - the books are amazing, even though the last one is a bit... well, no spoilers!

    2. Maybe we will some dragon's branch :-D.

    3. Do we see the next book before we see decent Tier 10 German Heavy Tanks?

    4. What, you don't like the Failowe?

  3. It is -10 degrees Celsius now in Saint-Petersburg, so winter never left me in first place =)

  4. Gold muntions are a problem and can seriously change the momentum of a match.

    "US/German actor voiceover is not planned for now (SS: to explain - Russian client of the game will get a Russian voiceover made by local famous actors)"

    Wait... famous Russians other than Lenin, Stalin, and TaTu?

  5. How are the M4 and PzIV derpers nopt a problem?
    Do they even play their own game?
    EVERY tier 5 game has 4 or more of these bloody things racing around. Enough already. Double the price of premium ammo to get rid of it from pubs as common ammo.

  6. - really big maps are planned for distant future

    Distant future...
    C'mon give us bigger maps already, that's the one point I could
    keep nagging about until the distant future.
    I don't care about more tanks, havok, heck I don't even care that much about each tank being balanced.
    Just give us maps that are bigger than the average BF1942 maps.

    - female voiceover for tanks was not considered

    It's not like we need them, plenty of mods out there with all kinds of voices :P
    Cause modders always bring us the stuff the devs think of as "low priority" or unnecessary.

    1. Fortunately, it's not your opinion that is implemented into the game, as you are apparently self-centered and don't care about the rest of couple million players' opinions.

    2. Yeah, cause playing on maps that are the size of the good old Battleaxe map is so much fun~

      We seriously need more tanks first, before getting more important things.

      Havok is just eye-candy, nice to have, but I wouldn't miss it.

      Balancing an online game is next to impossible, you can try, but in the end there will always be a perfect way to go, even in a dice-heavy game like WoT.
      Balancing will be especially funny once the bigger maps roll out and everything is put into chaos, cause the tanks are balanced for 1km x 1km maps and nothing bigger.

      Not to mention that balancing can't be effectively done when there are new tanks with every patch.

      Balancing doesn't mean nerfing/buffing a single tank, but bringing ALL tanks to the same or almost the same level.
      By which I don't mean making every tank the same, but making every tank a vital part of the team and not a burden.

      But yeah, I'm totally self-centered and don't care about anyone else.
      It's not like I'm just stating my opinion or anything. :rolleyes:

    3. Bigger maps will suck, already the best example of that is Highway. First of all, very difficult (and frustrating) for arty cose it takes at least 2 seconds till the shell lands where you aimed. On lower tiers you dont even have the proper range to shot for HALF of the map. Than playing as slow HT/TD you are pretty much in deep shit, it takes AGES to get where you should be.

      Next, game loses its dynamics on such large maps. There are only a few possibilities what you can do, in the opposite to small maps where the game is much more dynamic.

      Than, playing with 60 people on one map makes the outcome of battle even less dependent on a particular player, which means each player has smaller influence on the game, which sucks hard. I hate situations where no matter how you play, you lose or win anyway.

      In my opinion all bigger maps thing is bad idea, dont know why ppl want to get it.... ?

    4. Bigger maps would be more about strategy, tactics and teamplay.
      Logistics would be far more important than the firepower of a single tank.
      After all you can't shoot the enemy when you're not there.
      Yes, that would translate into slow tanks not being able to have enemy contact within the first 2-3 minutes.

      Slow vehicles like for example the Maus or T95 would become the backbone of your team's forces that would take lead after the faster tanks have reached a stalemate, or will go the paths that set them up as a defensive role.

      As for low tiers, I don't think bigger maps will be available for low tier (I-IV) tanks, kinda like how you won't get some of the current maps till you play a certain tier.

      Bigger maps could also be made uncheckable (like with the other game modes), so people who dislike them could just decide not to play them.

      Also years ago Wargaming was throwing around the idea of 5-man platoons, they decided against them, because 5-man with a voice com programm could easily dominate a team that has only random players.
      However those 5-man platoons could work in battles 30 vs 30.

      The main reason why I personally want bigger maps is because the small 1x1 km maps are silly for tanking warfare.

      There's usually 3 main paths, and most of the times certain vehicles can only go down one or two paths to work with 100% efficiency.
      The paths to actually do tank combat, ie flanking and hammer&anvil are currently nonexistant.

      For example:
      Sitting on the hill on the Hill map and shooting down into the side armor of an enemy tank is not what I would call a flanking maneuver.

      The current number of possible routes to attack/flank/defend is quite boring.
      It's repetitive, I'm always doing the exact same things over and over again, cause the maps don't allow me to try something original.

      It works most of the time, and blowing up tanks sure is fun, but when you do the exact same thing over and over again, every now and then with a slight varation cause the enemy doesn't go with behaviour pattern A but pattern B, it's boring.

      On a bigger map I can make much more use of the terrain, just remember good old custom made BF1942 maps that were giant and filled with only tanks and artillery.
      That was awesome.

      For example:
      Going down the eastern flank, take the long path across the mountain to flank the enemy, or attack from the middle path on above mentioned mountains with the risk of running into the enemy straight on.
      Or drive through the valley, which is the fastest, but also the most dangerous path, cause you might encounter tanks from the front and/or above, also if nobody goes the long way the enemy might flank you.

      And that was just one side of the map with 3 paths, most of the times even more, with 5 main paths total, each with a couple dozen ways to attack/flank/defend.

      Do I have to mention that teamplay on big maps would be vital?
      You said it yourself already, the single tank would be less important for the bigger view, but for his flank the single tank would again become very important.
      If one flank falls the remaining tanks will have to compensate the losses.

      If a loosing flank can stop the enemy for a long enough time however for reinforcements to arrive both the tanks defending and the tanks coming to aid their teammates will be important.
      Each and every one of them.

      I could go on and on about this.
      Yes, it has negative sides to it, too, but I honestly don't think bigger maps are a bad thing, especially when our current maps are way too small for actual tank combat.
      Even in an arcade game like WoT.

      One more addition:
      The radio range and also radio perks would become really important.
      Without the fully upgraded radio you won't see you allies, and they won't see you.

    5. Big slow tanks are useless on big maps, end of story. You really have no idea how to play this game.

    6. Why would big slow tanks be useless on big maps?
      Just because they need time to get from A to B?
      That's just people wanting to get into the fight asap without having to think.

      Being slow has it's virtues especially on big maps.
      Enemy targets will be spotted before you enter their view range, so you can prepare a tactic before entering combat.

      Simple example:
      If the 3 medium tanks 700m in front of you spot 7 enemy heavies moving towards your position you know that you need to prepare a defensive position until help arrives.

      Or you could tell the 3 mediums to act as a divertion while you snipe away at the heavies.

      Or you could tell them to try and split the enemy group so that you fight 3 and they fight 4.

      Or you could tell them that you're not sure if you can do anything and that you decided to fall back and meet with your reinforcements.

      Or you could all try to sneak past them and let the enemy run into your reinforcements and as soon as the enemy tanks are engaged in combat you pop up behind them with the 3 mediums and make easy work of them.

      Big maps bring a ton of possibilities, especially for those who "have an idea on how to play this game".
      But I guess some people are afraid of having to rely on their team, cause their team "always" sucks.
      Meanwhile the very same people whose team "sucks" only use the chat to tell the team how much it sucks.

      Oh well, then again I have no idea how to play this game, so who cares right? :P

  7. >Russian client of the game will get a Russian voiceover made by local famous actors
    We got it and it's a total disaster.

    1. Ah, that's what they meant when they complained about it. Storm wrote it's just a test, they'll take the feedback into account and fix it. Hopefully. Sounds dull tbh.

    2. "Oh look, we hit them... yay"

      I can't be 100% certain but I'm pretty sure that's a good translation.

  8. No famous voices overs for us hm? Of course. Just like Rig n Roll by that Russian company dev a game then never release addons to the US only to Russia and Europe..Eh oh well Thanks for the updates.

  9. "- players will be able to switch the client physics (havok) off,... the independent suspension (each wheel reacts to the surface realistically"

    So it will be only visual, not physically realistic?

    1. Anything client-based is only visual.

    2. Guess then it will be another useless improvement. Sure, it might look better, but the rocking on train track and things like that will remain.

  10. Speaking of "Winter is Coming", when are we going to see snowfall on the winter maps?

  11. Havok - more kaboom to the WoT - already got sounds from HR mod. Now all I need is pricture :D

  12. Winter is coming !
    SS, think of the last book as an introduction to the last half of the story. People and different parts of the story are now starting to be brought together.

    Client based physics, good for everybody I belive. Those with super computes can get super graphics without inpacting the servers, while us without will not get burdened by others 'burning' the servers. At least this is what I hope.

  13. Song of Ice and Fire - not the other way round!
    Now brace up! ;)

  14. - players will be able to switch the client physics (havok) off, it won't increase the size of the client, it will contain realistic destruction of objects and buildings, the independent suspension (each wheel reacts to the surface realistically) and small objects on the tank (antennae, boxes) behaving according to physics

    EPIC!! GJ WG!! finally WoT becomes even more modern.


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