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Mar 19, 2013


- someone asked StorM, whether the events in Cyprus (eg. government, backed by EU stealing 10 percent of all the bank deposits) did hit Wargaming greatly, Storm said it's not an answer to the developers
- Q: "Why was my question whether the developers are arty players ignored?" A: "Because it's simply stupid. Noone will run from floor to floor and ask people 'dear person, are you an arty player?'"
- new modules for tanks are planned in medium timeframe (SS: that means roughly a year - what this means is for example multiple new guns guns for vehicles so there are more equal builds per vehicle per vehicle possible), it's possible there will be even new module categories
- splash damage is calculated from the damage of the shell (SS: what this means is - from what I can tell - that it doesn't get calculated into the "potential damage" value, as it is derived as secondary)
- current tier 8 arties are scheduled to be switched to tier 9 or 10 (SS: currently, only tier 10 is considered for the switch though, the tier 9 is there to "cover the backs" in case current tier 8 arties are underpowered at tier 10)
- according to Storm, it is not true that one algorhitm is responsible for all the game's randomly generated numbers (damage, penetration etc.)
- regarding the question who gets the kill when two tanks shoot at the enemy at the same time: "Frag will go to the person, whose shot the server processes first."
- if I understand this correctly, additional equipment/module "appliqué armor" (eg. for example German Schurzen) confirmed
- tank camo value does not change depending on whether the tank is facing you with its front or with its side
- Wargaming has no clear algorhitm, that would set the camo value based on vehicle size (eg. each vehicle has its camo value set individually based on "common sense") (SS: we all know what THAT means, right? *stares at German vehicles*)

A few random pieces of information:

On the Russian developer blog, a Chinese guy wrote an interesting article, what the Chinese server looks like. I planned to translate that, but ITDude from US server made it faster, so here's the link on his thread. It's pretty interesting.

Also, Overlord will go by the end of the week to meet with some EU and NA head honchos regarding the community. He is asking for your opinion in his blog post, be sure to visit it.


  1. New module categories sounds interesting.....T8 arties to be UP as the fuck can they be UP if they return to them their old HP(or even buff it a little more) and bring back old stats(befire the big arty nerf).....and that cammo based on "common sense" is quite accurate descriptio of the whole other words WG can fuck up whatever they want with Krauts and none ever could prove it's fucked up bcs those are secret stats and only WG knows real values....

  2. Opinion of Overlords blog?
    Well I hardly bother with it frankly, that sort of thing should be on a forum where the 'community' is meant to be and not in some exclusive blog you have to register for seperately.
    This blog gives far more and better and more timely information than anything from WG.
    Personally the biggest failing of the mods/devs is the 'listening skill'. They have shut down the Q+A thread which is now totally defunct on the NA server now and responses are few and far between in suggestions and contest ideas etc.
    They need to involve the community more with decent contests like the tank design contests and actually answer questions.
    When you look where half of the staff have gone they are now all on the World of Warplanes or World of Warships forums, they seem to not be too bothered with WoT now they have their player base. Is this a sign of a continualy decline beginning for WoT or will they bother to rectify the matter.
    I like the fact that WG don't care about the huge amount of acccount sharing, swaping, selling on the Chinese server as they make a healthy profit but such things are banned elsewhere. The RU server gets preeferential (if ruder) treatment with tanks not available elsewhere.
    You can tell WG to start selling some premiums like the E6 or KV5 again. (please no more Types....they are so ridiculous). Too many issues unresolved within the game is driving players away, WG needs to pull its head out of the head and start listening to players.
    Tier 10 arty = unpopular
    Smaller national trees = popular
    Competitions = popular
    Lack of answers from mods = unpopular.
    Come-on WG its not rocket science.

    1. Read again. Chinese servers are not operated by WG, that's why they 'enjoy' different policies.

    2. Who are you to decide what's popular and not?

      Tier 10 arty = really intresting for me
      smaller nations = don't care really
      compititions = That I agree with you on
      Lack of answers from mods? what do you mean with that

    3. Well if you think that was a smart response just check up on the forum for popularity in the form of visits, comments and participation.
      Those design competitions got thousands of entries.
      Those not from the US or other particpant nations would like to see some better representation of other national lines hence the popularity of those tech tree threads and you must be living in a hole to not notice the general hatred rampant on the forums for artillery.
      As for the lack of answers from mods you must either be a mod or be blindfoldeed not to notice there is no Q+A thread anymore and that this whole blog exists directly because they (mods) DO NOT answer questions.
      That's who I am.

  3. current tier 8 arties are scheduled to be switched to tier 9 or 10 (SS: currently, only tier 10 is considered for the switch though, the tier 9 is there to "cover the backs" in case current tier 8 arties are underpowered at tier 10)

    Yeah, 'cause they are really balanced as they are... Just remove the arty and it will be fain! Best games are with no arty, nobody's camping, nobody to ruin the fun from the other side of the map!


      This sums up (some of it) what I think about arty (I like 'em mostly) in a fun and hillarious way :P

    2. IMO no arty match = camping, because arty fire forces campers to move, otherwise they get shot. Arty keeps things interesting, but to some point, 1-2 arties per match, more turns it into a game of chess.

    3. So you say, when there are 5 arties on each side, you keep driving to avoid being shot? In the open? In circles? With a T95?

    4. Arty countering camping was the idea, but is the other way around, even if there is only one arty half the players will hug the rocks in fear of being one-shoot! No arty games are more fluid. Arty need a drastic cut in damage or removed!

  4. 3. Account selling
    Highly developed and standardized. On the forum there is dedicated section for selling and buying of accounts. Accounts are typically divided into categories, for example, all tier 6s, all tier 8s, all tier 10s (most expensive) Typically sold without premium tanks. Most of the time each account is farmed by 3 people 24/7. This is also done for newbs that are invited to clans so that they have a decent tank on first day after which they are trained by the rest of the clan.
    The effect of many people continuously selling accounts and farming from scratch on new accounts is complete lack of noobs at tier 1. Many tier 1 players with 0 battles are actually seasoned veterans and they play like it.
    I LOL'D HARD!! Dear God and i thought EU is fucked up :D

  5. >if I understand this correctly, additional equipment/module "appliqué armor" (eg. for example German Schurzen) confirmed
    Interesting, does it mean that you can make something like a Super Pershing out of a regular one (with better engine and gun)? If I'm not wrong all that spaced armour was applied on the field, surviving T26E4 in the States don't have it.

  6. Well, it is interesting that Chinese players prefer even French tanks over German tanks. What could be the reason for the comparable low amount of German tanks on the Chinese server? On the EU/RU/US/SEA servers, Germany is either the 1st or 2nd most played nation. Why is the Chinese server different?

    1. I think it is because of cultural ethos of German Panzer warfare existing in western civilisations, all sharing the same part of WW2 history. For Chinese, WW2 is all about war with Japan, I believe.

  7. China started with 4 or 5 nations. EU started with UDSSR/ Germany and usa ? So you need to pick one of 2 or 3 nations, since half europeans thought, germany = superb tanks , alot of people play them and you need to say the german community is one of the biggest and so they play german tanks.

  8. Shurzen, equipment, like binoculars, or module, like guns? Wich one?

    1. Both were considered actually. I think the equipment is more realistic.

    2. Actually I think they could implement both applique armor and cage armor as "equipment", incompatible with each other. Applique Armor being 20-40-60mm (depending on tier and tank type) of ingame spaced armor added on some parts of a tank, while Caged Armor could be in shape of sandbags, bedsprings, Schutzen and whatnot, focused on lowering HEAT effectiveness (say, -33% to HEAT penetration).

      And it might sound drastic, but E series, King Tiger, Centurions and other tanks sideskirts could be removed and available as Equipment, but acting as both Applique and Caged Armor with its thickness and properties affecting AP rounds and HEAT ones.

    3. so then all these tanks would basically get nerfed, because they then either have less armor or one equipment less than now, also those tanks look extremely bad without their skirts. bad idea IMO.

    4. Depends, if they got weight reductions by being able to ditch stuff.. I might try a E-100 with no skirts...

    5. skirts is what makes E100 awesome, without them you have 60mm less side armor, less arty resistance, so you cnat sidescrape as well as with skirts

  9. sandbags for extra armour as a module?

  10. The Chinese translation is hilarious.
    I hope someone asks SerB to implement those combo buffs so we can hear his response!

  11. someone asked StorM, whether the events in Cyprus (eg. government, backed by EU stealing 10 percent of all the bank deposits) did hit Wargaming greatly, Storm said it's not an answer to the developers

    did hit? cyprus voted no, so noone was hit, where is your head nowadays? In the game or in world politics?


    1. SerB loses 10% of savings.......
      Type 59 hits the gift shop again.
      SerB builds new dacha on black sea laughing all the way and rolling in money like scrooge mcduck.
      *mental image*

  12. New modules... I hope we get the transmission module so it would be more logically reasonable for the German tanks. If their lower plates are hit, ceased movement, reduced speed, reduced acceleration only but NO FIRES from TRANSMISSION hits.

  13. When they'll move tier VIII arty to tier X, I hope that they'll change their hit points, 520 HPs on Obj. 261 is just too low, it is not a problem to one-shot it with tanks with 490 average damage and that's quiet sad :-/

  14. Arty should have enough health to survive a hit or two from a light tank, not a medium or heavy.

  15. Dear Fucktard,

    Fix the damn arty problem, the game is ruined with the OP satellite God Mode coward mobiles.

    1. ^

      You are just so full of lols.


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