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Feb 5, 2013

Retarded Russian projects part 3 - "Crusher"

Retarded Russian projects part 1 - "Bezdechod"
Retarded Russian projects part 2 - "Broneistrebitel

Author: Yuri Pasholok
Original source:
Translated by: Silentstalker
This weird tank destroyer project originates in Soviet Kazakhstan and is mentioned in a 1943 letter. It's special in one way - its author wasn't a technically uneducated cook, it was a technician and a designer, by the name of B.D.Lucenko! Let's have a look at how it was supposed to work:

Side and upper view
The original description says: "The tank destroyer has to be so heavy, so it could ram the enemy tank and crush it with its weight." Here's how it was supposed to look like:

SS: The author, who found this in the Soviet archives (Yuri Pasholok) is currently working on a whole book dedicated to the retarded, mad or simply desperate Soviet projects. The book is going to be called "Stalin's Steel Balls" - no sexual innuendo, it will deal with the concept of "rolling tanks", something the Soviets apparently came to like.


  1. hahaha, just beyond words...
    He was way ahead his time, and accidentally invented the monster trucks ;)

  2. lol reminds me of those peace walker drones xD

  3. every nation has so "retarded" projects.
    But this is very funny

  4. These guys should have entered Robot Wars...

  5. inb4 Duke Nukem joke

  6. Well, the Russians understand the art of brawling.


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