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Feb 25, 2013

Overlord confirms anti-cheat campaign


As I informed you earlier, measures are being taken to disable cheating mods. Previously, there were some doubts on that info, but now Overlord confirms it.

Specifically, he names following actions:
  • Disable everything that gives any kind of advantage in direct form: laser-like pointer, transparent tree crowns, hit-box like skins in-game, etc
  • Also there is an intention to disable mods that are using modified client scripts (automated fire extinguisher, automated repair kit, auto-shooting etc)
  • Mods that are not related to scripts and only modifies visual side of UI will still be tolerable (WR efficiency mods, XVM, etc)
  • Some mods can be integrated into the game client (which ones - under discussion).
  Overlord states that the whole issue is a complex one and it will not be ready for 8.4.


  1. So, is it okay to use, for example a mouse makro?

    1. Mouse macros are probably fine, because they still require end user to provide input to trigger.

      What is cheating is when you have the game automatically fire when it detects the sight has moved over a penetration zone of the tank, or it automatically triggers a repair kit if you are tracked. This is bot-like behavior.

      Right now, user sight mods can easily access the data that tells you when you are over penetration zone of a tank. It is a relatively simple step to add actionscript to that flash file that would automatically trigger a keystroke to fire the gun. The mod itself is not broken until the bot behavior is added.

      Similarly, XVM can easily detect damage and type, or damage panel mods can tell you when you are on fire. If either adds actionscript to trigger keystrokes that would use fire extinguisher... bot again.

      If I add a mouse macro to my mouse (and I have a few) that automatically types "Look behind you!" into team chat when I trigger it, that's ok, because I am making a decision to push that button to warn a teammate. I have to recognize and react to the situation, it doesn't happen automagically.

  2. I've asked this on Overlord's blog but never got an answer so perhaps I'd have better luck here. About regular custom skins, would I be able to keep a pink panther riddled with silly animated ponies as decals? Also what about audio folder changes, will I be able to keep a British voice pack for my crew instead of the default? Also about custom music pack, say playing Sabaton music instead of the WoT soundtrack? Can anyone verify if client side custom tank skins and background audio can be edited?

    1. Audio mods and skins(+hitzone skins) aren't banned. The hitzone skins aren't banned, 'cause the devs say "they are good for learning the weakpoints". Banned are 3D models, models that shows the modules inside the tank.
      As far as I understand it.

    2. Thank you for answering, this gives me a big sigh of relief. =D

    3. i think an easy way to figure it out is if the mod simply makes the game easier to learn/understand it's probably ok, if it steps over the line and actually makes it easier to play.. then that is pretty much cheating..

      The "hit box" group of mods is a good example.. On the one hand you have a decorative mod that basically allows you to draw (in this case prepared stuff) notes on the tanks.. hit skins..
      On the other hand there are mods that portray the tank as glass while actually rendering visual objects where the hit-boxes are.. these are true hit-box mods and these are the ones that are cheating because the mod is enhancing more than just your memory of fair info, it's actually giving you insider information on what is happening behind the scenes..

      it can be summed up like this:
      without hit skins it's like attending a lecture and taking notes yourself..
      with hit skins it's like you missed the lecture so you borrow somebody else's notes..
      while with these banned hit-box model mods it's like you are taking somebody else's thesis and doing it out in your own hand writing..

      all three cases can be argued as valid methods of learning which is why the line can be confusing but the latter is clearly cheating.. :)

  3. (Quote) Also there is an intention to disable mods that are using modified client scripts (automated fire extinguisher, automated repair kit, auto-shooting etc) (end quote)

    I'm happy now.

  4. What about minimap laser pointer?
    Like this one:

    1. I rather think this ones:

    2. like panzer said, I think this one is 'tolerated' since it doesnt really give you that much of an advantage, you only know the heading, and you have to guess the elevation for aiming by looking on your minimap where the enemy icon is.

      out of the, say, 10 times you can use it, it's only effective once, maybe twice

      the only real use for the minimap laser pointer is when you get hit by a hidden enemy, you align the hit indicator with where it came from, look on the minimap and make a guess what the position is

      the one panzerhanz linked is very different: you can clearly see where somebody is aiming, even when they're around the corner, etc.
      with that you could easily see if somebody (who was spotted, but you didnt see) is aiming in your direction

      - Alighierian

  5. You can sort of see where someone is aiming when around a corner now with the zoom out mods, but that requires you to manipulate your point of view and is next to impossible to utilize while moving, aiming, and firing.

    The laserpointer mod is clearly broken, gives you all the info without any effort.

  6. is it considered that the user receives an email showing if the user have illegal mods installed?

  7. Assuming Warthunder does not take many players anyway...

    ...WG won't ban paying customers for no-foliage mod etc, as WG love the fact they are rinsing everyone already paying for virtual tanks.

    And, if they actually do then other games will take the cash for sure.

  8. Hm...just to make sure...I hope wg will give a list of forbidden mods before the patch will be added...

    I don´t use many mods, but the zoom-mod for sniping is quite good..and in my opinion no cheat...wg could easily implement it´s just one step more to zoom in on the target..

  9. WoT should have thought of this all the way back to Patch 6.4.
    And also WoT should either Go back to the way they had Prem Ammo for Gold. Or Better Yet just make Prem ammo the standard AP round.
    Because its a true advatange over players that Don't or can't afford Prem Ammo.

    1. if premium ammo would be standard AP there would be no point in driving anything with armor... Prem ammo needs to be erased, just like the splash of the arty (yeah I have arty and I still think it is a huge joke... Too much damage done, from too far away, and with a stupid satelitte view) if these 2 things would "solve" I (and my friennds) would spend a lot more on this game.... But currently we are waiting for some similar games, so WG would listen to us!


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