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Feb 22, 2013

On supertest leaks

Hello everyone,

to clarify a few things regarding the supertest leaks (aka the VK7201 faiLowe, the Object 907 and others):

- This info does not come from some random source. A supertester decided to share the info with me directly. This is not a privilege I take lightly, I appreciate it greatly.

- No screenshots for now. It's as simple as that: you can never be sure that WG doesn't implement some kind of crap to track the leak into the supertest client. Yes, it does mean that I have no proof for my claims.

- I am not making anyone trust me - you don't have to, I won't convince you otherwise. I trust the source a lot and I will pass any interesting info he/she approves, but it's all on faith, as internal leaks usually are. As far as I am concerned, it could still be an elaborate fake or a lie.

- I will not share everything, simply because the leaks should not reach the level where it is a REAL problem for Wargaming. Noone wants WG to take drastic measures. Just some really interesting stuff, like the faiLowe.

- even if all I post is true, it does NOT mean the vehicle has to appear in the game. This is the supertest - it's all still very rough, there have been cases where designs didn't pass the supertest stage. We might not get the VK7201 faiLowe at all, if it's bad. You might ask yourselves: what are supertest leaks good for then? One thing only - they show the direction Wargaming is going and some general thought patterns. Nothing else, vehicles usually seriously change from supertest to public test, so it's pointless to post any kind of data.

I hope this is comprehensive.


  1. Thnx for sharing the info Silent, I kind of like the design of this Lowe, like I said, I always hoped it would replace the Ausf.B and make it a tier 8 tank. I like the turret in the back design, the problem is that the devs don't see it as an disadvantage and ballance the tanks accordingly. Is you source sure, that it won't become the tier 10 TD of the second TD branch?


  2. I just hope they don't shut your blog down for this.

    1. What for? I am not bound by any NDA. For all intents and purposes, these could be unsubstantiated rumors.

    2. More likely to shut down supertest. Which would be to everyones loss.

  3. Well what id appreachiate from WG.

    If they have some crazy tanks which did not pass Supertest, please
    Give us some info sometimes what kind of tanks you tested (screen would be interesting) and why it didnt pass.

    I guess it doesnt break any regulations publishing some ST from 2011/ early 2012 who didnt pass.

    Ive heared of strange stuff which has been in ST (not confirmed ofc) atleast It would give us some fun, reading of strange designs who were actually thought of being implemented.

  4. SS, did you see a picture of the tank?

  5. Use mobile phone or camera to take a photo, WG can't track it XD

  6. They d not watermark the Screenshots in any specific way but to be safe you can just save it with paint or photoshop at a lower quality.
    But they can find you if you don't obscure ANY information that is unique or semi unique to yourself like: crew member names or their exact skill % figures, gold amount, credit amount, or even tank order in the garage. Maybe even number of people online will narrow down their search.
    Tell your super-tester if he does that they will not catch him.


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