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Feb 7, 2013

7.2.2013 - part 1

- one of the reasons Type 62 is not being sold is that it's very similiar to the WZ-131
- SerB states that during peak hours, RU server runs at 78 percent capacity
- apparently it's legal to use Brazillian fascist symbolism ("Nurnberg tribunal didn't find them guilty and they didn't burn any villages here")
- cross-nation designation emblems will not be introduced (SS: for example the US star on German vehicles etc.)
- German crews will not get additional names and surnames in near patches
- winter-time city maps are planned
- using company section for other purposes (chat, platoon seeking) is not punisheable
- Some tier 5 light tanks can be a top vehicle in battles
- On WG implementing software into the client looking for legal mods? "no comment"
- Object 760 won't be implemented
- WG has enough drawing plans now for the Japanese tree (SS: if I understood this correctly)
- one of the Chi Ri variants is planned to have an autoloader (SS: according to Kankou (US forums), it's a belt-fed 75mm gun)
- it's not yet clear whether all the Chi-Ri variants are going to be designated as mediums
- Chi-Ri with torsion bar suspension and cast turret won't make it to tier 10 (SS: possibly it'll be lower tier)
- It's possible that the Chi-Ri with sloped frontal armor will be on tier 8, tier 9 and 10 are most likely to be one of the STA variants and one of the early STB models.
- There is ATM a hole in the Japanese tree between low-tier heavies (Type 91, Type 95) and high-tier tanks, WG is trying to fill it atm.
- Storm: Leopard 1 that will be introduced will be: Tier 9 - Prototype Arbeitsgruppe A, Tier 10 - Leopard 1 - first production series
- Chinese tanks aren't expected to recieve a nerf, they behave normally
- Addition tank filters for the garage are unlikely
- SerB admits its possible not all trees will be symetrical - some nations might have light tanks up to tier 8, while others only up to tier 5
- the devs already have the alternative tier 10 Soviet medium, they won't tell for now
- there is a special account type where free cam is allowed (SS:for videos...)
- when the T-50-2 gets replaced (SS: yes it is confirmed), all the stats will most likely transfer to the tank that is going to replace it
- arties will not be un-nerfed even if the other precautions the devs take (hardcap, Expert medal changes) prove successful

To be continued


  1. Minor point and not intended as criticism but the name should read as 'Kankou'; a regular contributor in the Japanese Tanks and Guns Discussion on the NA Server.

    Good work as usual. Hope part 2 covers some of those British vehicles the devs have announced and how those new German lights are going to fit into the tech tree.

    I am depressed however that Fascist symbols of any kind are permitted by the game. The whole nationalistic flag and political ideological symbol changes for tanks should NEVER have happened. It's only going to get worse.


  2. NP, creditting good work is important.
    looking forward to part 2.


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