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Feb 16, 2013


- confirmed (several times): E50/E50M will have the same depression in 8.4 as it has in 8.3
- the 30mm autocannon from Panzer IIG (and other tanks) uses uranium ammunition (SerB posts source)
- if I interpret this correctly, the new German tier 8 LT (RU251) will lead to Leopard the way Chinese LT branch leads back into the medium one
- Recon skill gives 0,2 percent view range bonus per each 10 percent skill, if the observation device is broken however, it's 2 percent per 10 percent skill
- Storm states World of Tanks uses 2 processor cores - one fully, one partially
- German Somua S35 won't have its MM spread reduced, the tank is doing fine statistics-wise
- regarding why E50 depresion was "fixed" while Object 263 (which is also clipping) wasn't: "We can't fix everything at once"
- Tortoise HP amount isnt a bug
- nation trees will be re-made so they aren't confusing
- T95 won't recieve a HP buff to match the Tortoise (its armor is apparently enough)
- 8.4 should bring better reworked maps (SS: less hilly apparently)

So far for the classic source. Now, Storm opened a new blog thread where he talks about the bugs and issues of patch 8.4. Here's a summary of this thread:
- IS-3 nose armor (shape) is not correct, it'll be fixed (SS: no details)
- HE damage to suspension will be increased (SS: okay, this is something I really don't understand as I didn't know there is an issue with HE damage and suspension: the question is "Will there be full damage to tracks with HE shells in the following patch?" and the answer is "yes")
- a new function was added - now you can select shell type even when the countdown is running at the beginning
- the new tutorial is only the first part, there will be other parts, where the player will fight bots and learn how to react in certain situations
- Brit TD HESH shells are not overpowered according to Storm, they just look that way, just as the MT HESH shells looked OP during the first test, in reality the spectacular crits won't be common
- new tracers are considered more realistic
- the British TDs are going to be released roughly the way they are now, especially the Tortoise - Storm says it has bad armor, that's why it has so much HP
- T71 hull will not be changed (SS: some player complained it's not "historical")
- currently there is a bug with Radeon graphic cards, it will be fixed (SS: the screenshot was deleted but from the description, the picture is too dark and there are some strange objects)


  1. Mh, uran shell as new ammo?(yea, they don't stated something about implementation) Could affect the enemy crew. ;)

  2. I still wonder.. how sometimes, the positions of shell types changes? It would be really good if they would also make that we can choose on which slot will the specific shell be [ 1, 2 or 3 ].

    Can't remember if they already suggested that.. and that it was denied? Any clue?


    1. It's entirely possible already. Just go to the service menu and rearrange the shells by drag & drop just like with consumables.


    3. Can't believe I didn't figure that out for all this time.. D:

      Thank you!


  3. Holy shit, the Tortoise is "pretty much fine" with:

    -A gun that has no weaknesses other than low alpha and meh penetration for a TD, and ridiculously good aim time, DPM and accuracy

    -Insane all around protection and a HUGE HP pool

    -Great gun depression and amazing gun arc

    -Not bad view range

    -Good frontal armour

    All this balanced out by the slow speed and aforementioned gun downsides? No way.


    1. Leave the turtles ALONE :'(.

      No but seriously it's perfect the way it is.

      At storm storm things the tortoise has bad armour??? BAD ARMOUR??! BAAAAAAAD ARMMMMMMOUUUUUR?!!?!??! TROLOLOLOLOL is he trolling? he is trolling yes? please admit it storm.

      Bad armour...i've been in training with this thing against every other T9 TD in the game, angled in the correct diamon shape to each opposing tank at 100m 200m and max view range distances, 3 shots where fired each, it bounced 11/11/13 of the 18 shots...and only 3 of the shots did full damage at max view range. Bad armour? It has the the sharpest effective armour in the entire game, i cant do the maths but im pretty sure its around 260 effective armour.

      And why the fuck would people think its HP are a bug? "it has so many as it's armour is bad" wow ive never felt more astonished.

      This tank is fucking awesome, the gun rocks, the accuracy is insane, the reload is insane, its surprisingly manourable for it's size and it has some of the best damn gun depression out of any of the tanks, its pretty much my dream come true...and i cant WAIT to really own it! it will take a while, but ill comit!

    2. It feels like a proper "tank" tank, turtle power ftw, even with all the gold ammo flying around i feel safe in this tank haha

    3. i take it you liking turtles? (:, i enjoying all turtling even small turtle at2 tank fun fun!!

    4. Dont worry about getting it. In the next test phase it will be nerfed to oblivion. Remember the T34 right? When you raped tier 9 heavy tanks with that thing? And look what remained about that in test 3.

    5. Tortoise armor is bad when it faces anyone with even a little interest in bettering their play and doing their homework. A huge section of its armor can be penned by any gun in its MM.

      Just look at this armor sheme - both the purple slope to the right of the gun and the entire large green section left of the gun have basically no armor. So stop autoaiming at the gun and you'll get results.

  4. - Recon skill gives 0,2 percent view range bonus per each 10 percent skill, if the observation device is broken however, it's 2 percent per 10 percent skill

    Are the 0.2 and 2 supposed to be switched here? Because I think that would make more sense, doesnt seem like you would gain percentage when your observation device is broken lol.

    Either way great post thanks again for all the great up to date news!! This site is my first stop everyday right when I wake up I hop on here to see any news!! I know it will be more up to date on here than on the main tanks website and forum! I feel like I'm getting insider info that 90% of the NA server most likely won't find out for a while after I do!

    1. No, it is not switched. It was said long ago that recon is becoming more useful when device is damaged. Soldier with that skill is so good that he can use dmged device much more effective then soldier without that skill.

    2. Afaik this is correct, this just means that the disadvantage of a broken recon device is less. However the view range is of course still less then with undamaged optics without recon skill. you can compare this with the gunners skill for a broken gun

    3. oh haha I realize now thanks for the the quick replies/

  5. E50 depression was changed but object 263 depression couldn't be changed because they cant fix more things at once.Thats the biggest lie I heard from them.
    There were patches were they changed the depression of alot of tanks, even the depression of a whole branch (eg: french and arty) and now they cant change the values on one more tank.Fail!

  6. "Brit TD HESH shells are not overpowered according to Storm, they just look that way"
    Oh yeah i'm sure that's the case, it just will "look OP" when one of those shells oneshots my Batchat/E-50M/E-50/every-T9-I-own!
    It won't "be op" it will be entirely balanced and fair.


    Well at least they don't completely Ruin the E-50 series for now that's a plus


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