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Feb 11, 2013


- SerB states that as a writer, he doesn't make much money, it's the computer games that pay the bills
- fully customizable writings on tanks won't be implemented
- after tier 10 arty is implemented, arties will get roughly the same +-2 MM as the other tanks
- it's not confirmed that SU-14 and S-51 will stay on their tiers
- SerB states that when a lowtier arty destroys the enemy tank by killing the whole crew (SS: the player asking says that this happens to him often when he plays SU-18), it is roughly equally as profitable as if the tank gets normally destroyed, but the whole issue is complicated
- Q: "What will the T57 nerf be like?" A: "Sudden and horrible"
- Japanese tanks:

Q: Are the following vehicles post-war made-up fakes?

1) 47mm Gun on Type 94 chassis:

2) Chi-Ri with Type 2 75mm gun

3) 150mm AA gun on Type 5 Ho-Ri chassis
4) 155mm Ho-Chi

5) Is it true that the early O-I variants' armor was not thicker than 75mm?

A: Looks like 3) is not a fake, as for 5) - entirely possible on the early 100t variant. As for the rest - more or less probable, we'll see.

- it's not sure tier 8 premium arties will appear
- it's not sure how the T-50-2 situation will be handled, it's possible (SS: only possible, not likely) that T-50-2 might become premium, SerB is "consireding a lot of options
- all models for all tanks will be remade from scratch with better details, moving parts (ventilators, antenas) and turrets flying off when the tank is destroyed, this won't happen anytime soon
- pre-battle 30 second countdown won't be reduced
- Leopard won't recieve new guns, it's already balanced around tier 5
- no ETA on the turret part of the British TD's, but SerB confirms they will mostly have rapid fire guns
- Q: "SerB, what nice question would you ask yourself so it would a question
- British arty will come after T10 arties are implemented (SS: or with them, but not sooner)
- early French tank modifications from the 40's (Romanian R35 and such)? "I'll tell you when the time is right"
- WG has not yet promoted WoT in Japan
- Indien-Panzer is NOT a prototype for the Swiss Panzer 61
- it's possible the XP/credit earning mechanism will be updated to fit new ways of destroying tanks (physics and such)
- Q: "Why did you decide to scrap the British turreted TDs for now and introduce paper-armored turtles instead?" A: "Because turtles are cool"
- at tier 8 SerB states that roughly 0,5 gold shells are fired per battle
- SU-101 is doing okay statistic wise
- the whole issue with the +-45 degrees for FV215b TD might be some sort of rumor, SerB is not sure how it really is
- the reason why Malinovka and Westfield assault are removed is "disbalance", they will not return earlier than next regular patch
- SerB states, that the Sexton is in the american tree, because it's a joint project - the chassis was from the USA. However, whether it really will be put into the US tree or UK tree will be decided after the test
- after some time, WoT might have the same improved render as the WoWp
- according to SerB, Maus is doing okay in the contemporary World of Tanks
- if you aim in artymode at water (a lake), the trajectory displayed will lead towards the point on the bottom of the lake, not towards water surface
- when considering patch statistics, developers disregard first two weeks
- in future (not sure how close or far), standard render (SS: "old render") won't be supported anymore
- Q: "I think SerB is quietly trolling us!" A: "Why quietly?!"
- Q: "Can TOG shoot itself in the back?" A:"Buy it and try it, we don't have time for such crap"
- Q: "Is dynamic terrain going to be implemented?" A: "Not in the current version. In the future - who knows?"
- SerB states that the theory saying "If one team has a platoon of 3 heavies and the other platoon of 3 meds, they both end up on the top of the battle MM" is a myth
- devs tried to estabilish a FAQ for the most notorious questions - didn't work, noone read it
- T-34 model 1943 had thicker frontal armor (60mm)
- 100 percent crew training for silver is not planned
- it is not planned to introduce special gun spread for each type of ammo
- a T-34 premium tank of any type is not planned, because the devs are researching various T-34 variants and it's possible they might be introduced as normal vehicles.
- premium Churchill doesn't have a special XP modifier
- Elefant wasn't introduced separately, because it differs from Ferdinand too little


  1. That's not a Chi-Ri, it's a Chi-Nu, the name is in English on the box

    1. *shrugs* I just re-posted the pictures posted in the thread itself, I didn't pick them.

  2. "- Leopard won't recieve new guns, it's already balanced around tier 5"

    Well... then good luck with it in T5... gg

    1. The way I understand it, Leopard won't get any worse MM than it has now

    2. I have a Leo and as a tier IV it already sucks badly. I won't play it at all as a tier 5 but I can't seel it because it's the best looking tank in the game. (other than the TOGII*)

    3. In its current state you can only play it with gold ammo, otherwise you cant even penetrate KV1 and Matilda.
      The number of matches I lost in that tank because I wasnt able to penetrate KV1 (last remaining enemy) goes into the dozens.

      If they increase the MM for that tank, it will be dead.

    4. To paint this to all and every person, the only things that will most probably change about the leopard will be the way you get to it and that small little number written next to it. No different matchmaker, no buffs, no nerfs. Same tank, just labelled tier V instead of tier IV. It won't have to compete with the Chaffee or the T-50-2 those are (as stated on this blog) tier VI tanks in disguise. So stop complaining and enjoy your little ram machine

    5. @Folterknecht: Why would You even try to penetrate KV-1 with Leo? You are a dedicated scout. Just light them up, stay hidden and watch the fireworks. If he's the last one - run like hell to their base. He'll never catch You or arrive on time to stop Your cap. If he's the one capping - just troll him with HE.

    6. @JagdWehrwolf:

      YOu have obviously no clue what you are talking about - trolling KV1 with Leo shooting HE is one of the dumbest things I ve ever read ... .

      If there is no one else to kill him and he is already in or near cap what then?

      Guys like you are the reason I m so annoyed with randoms - capping isnt the solution to every problem ... often enough its the cause. When will you understand that?

      And to make it clear - I dont want to penentrate that KV whith noobish auto aim, but I cant even do it with regular ammo from the side or rear in 90%+ of the cases. I need a max RNG roll for that and a perfect 90° shot at a weakspot from close distance. Try that while moving with 30 km/h + and that shitty LEO t3 gun.

      In some cases if you have (nearly)full HP and the right equipment/skills its even better to ram that KV than trying to shot at it... .

    7. @Ktistai

      It's ok I figured out myself too, that they just put a tier 5 mark on the Leo, MM won't change. But...
      Leo is nowhere near to T50 as scout, it has no mobility for that job nor a proper gun... But it's a T4 tank, similar to other T4 scouts (however it has the "superscout" title and +1 battle tier) But we forgive it... we know the "hell" of T4 lights.

      And soon it will be a tier5, ok let's forget the T50-2 and Chaffee, the next competitor to Leo will be: AMX ELC; good mobility, small profile, great gun but! not fully rotating turret, weak radio and view range - fine.
      What has Leo? - weak gun, bad mobility, quite high profile (for a scout), lower view range than a Pz38nA and a good radio...
      If they don't wanna give a proper gun for Leo, it will need not just decent, but excellent mobility!

    8. Replay Leo trying to pen KV1 from ~50m @90°:

      there is 1 spot ~20x20 cm on KV1 where you can pen it with Leo, back of the top turret MG. every other weakspot 1 out of 7 pens with normal ammo from 50m 90°. and that is me standing still aiming carefully ... .

      HE - no effect

    9. @Folterknecht:

      On the contrary, I do know what I'm talking about. By trolling I mean shooting to decap. In a situation described, draw is the best possible outcome, so if You will manage to save it, than You actually won.

      And when You will understand that trying to fight a HEAVY tank with a LIGHT tank that is DEDICATED SCOUT, i.e. is on the battlefield to spot enemies and expect to penetrate it reliably is pants-on-head silly. In a situation like that outrunning and/or outmenouvering him is Your only chance.

      I know what I'm saying. I won games like that.

    10. Every other tier 5 tank in the game has at least 110mm penetration, the Leopard gets 67mm. I think they are taking the idea of dedicated scout a little too far.

    11. Are u fucking braindead JagdWehrwolf or what?

      Nobody here is talking about head on 1vs1 Leo against higher tier heavies - thats bullshit.

      Its about the fact that the gun even now isnt good enough to circle and aim at weakspots if you have to win a match, and WG is planing to move that tank with its low traverse and relative high profile one tier up.

      Every other t5 scout atm is able to pen mid tier (to some degree even high) tier tanks from side and rear, while doing much more damage at the same time. + They have much better mobility, so they wont lose so much speed when turning

    12. It will be ok thats both Chaffie and T50-2 will be T6 light - meybe thats the wey WG. Move Vk 2801 one tier higher is so fast becouse last event - most of best player drive VK2801 and global WR goes higher f.e. - Kelly - BS 4200/4300 exp on vk - so WG move this tank higher.

    13. @Folterknecht:
      Watch Your Gob Mate, because I tend not to throw shit at You. So respectfully I ask You to stop it.

      I stand by what I said. It is a scout and it should not pick up fights. Winning a game for Leo means finding the enemy so rest of the team can kick the living daylights out of him. And finding Yourself in a position used as a example above means that something went horribly wrong. And I doubt that any other T4 scout would fare better.

      If I understand it correctly what will only change about Leo is the position on the tree. Silent said already that MM will probably stay the same. So I really don't see the reason for all that crying.

      On the other hand, if Leo will get shafted in MM department, than I sort of agree with You, but still don't think it is going to be a drama of such epic proportions.

      Also I'm curious about what Amberyta said, because truly T5 Leo and T5 Chaffee will differ by light years. And that would stink.

  3. Additional Info on the Japanese stuff:

    - Chi-Ri with Type 2 75mm gun: A Type 3 75 mm gun was modified to fit into the Chi-Nu turret in line with the Chi-To turret tests in March 1945. I want to strangle the idiot who mixed up the names.
    - 155mm Ho-Chi: Actual name "Experimental Type 5 15 cm SPG", it was actually built by the Osaka Army Arsenal and was to be tested from September to November 1945.

    - Kankou

  4. quote: "after some time, WoT might have the same improved render as the WoWp"

    what the hell is he talking about? WoWp engine hasn't been updated in months
    and yes, it looks like crap

    1. We playing the same game? WoWp looks way better than WoT and works way better. Could have something to do with the greater distances and smaller LOD's required, but it works like a peach compared to WoT. And it looks better as well.

    2. are you kidding me?! get close to the ground
      look at the textures, how does it look better!?!?!??!?!?!

      I should post pics but NDA doesn't allow me

    3. Check Overlord's blog, he posted some pictures from the new render, which is coming in 0.4.0, and I think it looks awesome.

    4. thanks for the tip, I looked over them and they only show the planes, planes that already had hi LOD

      also, quote: "and the last but not the least massive visual improvements (like 8.0 for WoT)"

      it's "like", not "more than" or "better"

  5. "premium Churchill doesn't have a special XP modifier"
    Nooo, of course it doesn't. It's purely because of the driver's skill that it gets 1k xp for 700 dmg while others get 600 xp for the same amount of dmg.

    1. It's just that the battle mechanics, including XP, are so complicated that you can't predict how much you will earn. It's also quite often that, for example, in my Pz 3/4 I get 1000 XP having the same amount of damage as the next guy, who gets only 500 XP, and nothing in the post-battle report indicates why. There's just too many variables and IMO the post-battle report should indicate how much you got for what, that would let you optimize your gameplay because there's a thousand variables to it.

    2. For example you don't get N points of XP for X points of damage dealt, oh no. It depends on the target's tier in relation to yours, it depends on the distance from you to the target, it depends on who is lighting up the target. Accordingly, damage dealt to higher tier enemies awards more; long range shots award less; damage dealt to targets that you are spotting yourself award more than to those spotted by others and so on and so forth. Same goes for silver.

    3. It actually does, I remember some developer confirmed that Churchill has highest xp coefficient in the game.

  6. - SerB states, that the Sexton is in the american tree, because it's a joint project - the chassis was from the USA. However, whether it really will be put into the US tree or UK tree will be decided after the test

    The chassis, although derived from an American design (The M3 Lee hull), the hull was from Canadian built and designed Ram I and Ram II tanks (using the M3 hull as a template), so I say it completely belongs in the British tree as no Canadian tree exists, nor would one be feasable. I also suggest the Ram premium be moved to the British tree for the same reason.

    1. after further research, only the Sexton I was derived from the Ram tanks, the Sexton II was based from the Canadian Grizzly tank, which was an improved design of the M4A1 Sherman

  7. Standart render wont' be supported? There goes my old computer out of the window :SS

    1. I just hope they'll fix new render for NVIDIA M class cards since its still unplayable there. And thats sad since i can run BF3 on med/high on my 330M

  8. - Q: "Why did you decide to scrap the British turreted TDs for now and introduce paper-armored turtles instead?" A: "Because turtles are cool"

    Huh?!?! WTF? The british TD's are gonna have paper armour, wtf??? why??? you can't be telling me the tortoise is gonna have ANY LESS than 228mm frontally, same with the tier 8...i really hope this is a troll because both the FV215B TD and tortoise and the at15 (and at15-a) ugh...hurry up test server, i wanna solve this for good.

  9. "- at tier 8 SerB states that roughly 0,5 gold shells are fired per battle"

    Which gives you an idea of how many T32 drivers there are out there. ;) I probably average 1-2 gold rounds per battle in that thing. Usually a few at zero followed by eating all 7 that I'm carrying.

  10. T57 Nerf response is bluntly obvious the dislike of US Heavys But I don't have a T57 Heavy i want one though but i suppose i'll see how big the nerf is once players complain that the T57 isn't as good as it should be..

  11. why arent they upgrading the leos firepower and mobility? Its under gunned for a tier 4 scout as it is and the acceleration feels atrocious.

  12. I've actually heard the tortiose armour will remain 228mm but the plus side is, is that it wont have the same weakspots as the at-15a which is good news imo :).

  13. T57 nerf??? he mean the T57 heavy or the T57 SPG??


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