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Jan 28, 2013

Regarding the new light tank branches


A player on the developer's blog argues that the best solution how to deal with the blind light tank branches would be to raise the current tier 5 light tanks to tier 6, because they are balanced as T6 vehicles anyway, to put something new at tier 5 and to finish the branch with two more vehicles (the Aufklärungspanther T7 and RU251 T8 for Germans, Walker Bulldog for Americans, "something" for the Russians etc.) - the moneymaking potential would be the same as with the French and Chinese T6 light vehicles in this case.

Developer Makarovslava states to this: "Basically, this is what we are planning, but the T-50-2 will most likely not stay in the new line, there is an "armored moped" needed between the T-50 and MT-25"

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