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Jan 27, 2013

Regarding commenting on this blog

Hello everyone

As some of you noticed, I deleted a whole bunch of comments, posted by butthurt players from Czechoslovak section - they all basically said I am an asshole (true) who makes them look bad (not true, you manage that all by yourselves - the days of "I'll write in Czech and noone will understand me" are over, they have been over for years now).

Just a small clarification on comments: I won't delete comments just because I don't agree with then - anyone can rant about Wargaming or whatever you want - feel free to. The only comments I will delete are personal attacks against me (which originate from the aforementioned section). Make no mistake, while I respect freedom of expression, this is my blog. The people mentioned in the "Filth of the EU community" articles are not welcomed here. I mean - you wouldn't let such people walk around your house, would you?

Anyway, this is all, from now on, business as usual


  1. This is a great blog keep up the work, haters will be haters but winners will be winners :)

    1. Question is: are you a winning hater or a hating winner mate?

  2. It's your Blog and it's your good right to delete comments that which offend you.
    And these offenders should keep in mind that you are one of the greates servants of the community.

  3. I just found your blog and I must say I like it. "keep up the good work"

  4. Hi Silentstalker,

    used Bing-Translator for the last (now deleted) comment: useless spam!
    So delete, as you like it.
    Even in the german forum (WoT) I would prefer, if they would delete more spam and rage.
    A few days ago, I reported a post, including "delete all PL".
    WG did not erase it until today...
    Censorship does not mean to keep clean its Forum / Blog.
    Best regards


  5. Mate you are doing a realy good work. Keep it please!!!

  6. SS do you also post questions of your own on the russian questions and answers?

    1. No. That requires 5000 battles on RU server and that's not something I can really do.

  7. Czechs being butthurt? Not big surprise.

  8. Hi! I do not speak Russian or Czechoslovak and your blog is best English speaking WOT-news site!
    Please continue and dont let you getting trolled by some offensive idiots. Delete their posts and ignore them. We're on your side.

    Again: Really geat work! Please, please continue!!

  9. Hi Silentstalker,
    you are doing fantastic piece of work keeping the community informed, I am following your thread and this blog for many months and I really appreciate it.
    Being Czech myself, I understand that you are in conflict with some part of Czech community, I am not a part of it, writing really seldom on the forums, either English, or Czech. But I think, it is time to kindly ask you ... please, don`t spread the idea, that all Czechs are like this stupid crap, this antisemitic bullshit is thing of few people and I am sure it is roughly same in all communities.
    Yes, they deserve ban, and ii it was possible, even game ban, we should really get rid of such people. But don`t create impression that we are all same. Your actions in last few weeks really do look as some sort of personal revenge to everybody and everything that is Czech ... please consider it.
    Nevertheless, thank you for your hard work. Just sometimes leaving bad taste in my mouth. Feel free to delete my post if you are offended, or just try to understand to a nonaligned opinion.

    Thank you and Kind Regards

    1. Only_Slightly_BentJan 28, 2013, 12:02:00 AM

      In Silentstalkers defense, I've, at no point, felt that he's taring the whole nation with the same brush - He's made it very clear that this is a few people, not the whole community, but then, I'm a grown-up and understand these things, a lot of people who play WoT aren't, so maybe you have a point ;)

    2. Only_Slightly_BentJan 28, 2013, 12:03:00 AM

      (That wasn't a dig at you, btw :) )

    3. There is no need to argue. The truth is, Sragorka is right in a way, my view of the Czechoslovak WoT community (to be specific: people who visit the official Czechoslovak forum section, not all Czechoslovak players as a whole) is at this moment very negative - not because I feel like an outcast or anything (I left voluntarily and happily), but simply because I've seen what kind of people they are. What led me to those articles was simply the fact that I do follow exactly two threads in the CZ section and this crap appeared in one of them. With that being said, the same thing can happen in other communities. In fact, one Polish thread recently turned into an ugly anti-Czech rant. But I don't visit the Polish section regularily, so I don't see everything. As simple as that.

    4. "In fact, one Polish thread recently turned into an ugly anti-Czech rant."

      Well, a lot of the posts says clearly, that's you cannot judge country by perspective of a few idiots. Also, what is the most funny, topic about Czech opinion about Poles have already turned into typical Polish-Polish war. hehe

  10. Just a question, why you copy past forum posts on your blog ? everyone know there is morrons in every community (I'm french and i read a lot of shit on French forum) so why bother ? i read this blog for the Dev quest/answers not to know more about human stupidity, i already know a lot about than.

    So please just don't post more forums post, no one cares.

    1. 1) Well, judging from these posts being one of the most visited ones on the blog, people clearly do care.

      2) This is my blog, I can post whatever I want here

      3) You got it backwards, I now post the blog posts on the forum, not the other way around

  11. Silentstalker. I applaud and follow your efforts on keeping everyone updated with what is going on in this game. WoT has no interest in decent news about their products to the community as a whole. Your efforts are the only information most of us ever get and I am grateful for them.
    I'm confused over a few things in game and watch eagerly for them:
    1) Why is the armour model of the Matilda Black Prince so wrong and yet reamins unchanged?
    2) Why did they change the tracks of the TOG from the correct ones to wrong ones?
    3) Why they persist with a pan-european tree concept encompassing other nations which could have their own complete tech trees such as Czech, Italian and even Swedish? Putting in a Chinese tree full of cloned foreign tanks left a sour taste in peoples mouths who see it as nothing more than financial favouritism rather than moving the game forward.
    Once agin, thank you for you efforts, I follow you blog keenly. (I post on the NA forum as 'Vollketten')

    1. 1) I heard the "Matilda BP" armor before, mate. No idea why they modelled it wrong. I'd suggest to apply pressure thru Chieftain and Challenger, they seem to respond to the historical facts, so does Overlord. Not much else you can do I am afraid.
      2) No idea
      3) Because without Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Sweden, Italy and others to "bind" the tree, the rest would have absolutely nothing in common. But yes, I'd prefer more national trees too.

      Thanks for the praise :) Doing my best.


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