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Jan 8, 2013


- SerB states that it's not possible to implement an option where you "freeze" your account for a given time (5 months were mentioned by the asking player) - however, you can write a support ticket, they might be able to help you
- the reduction of arty splash will be detailed in the final patchnotes
- SerB states there will be no incomplete branches (SS: they have to either end with tier 10, or by merging into another branch)
- the parameters of the Assault game mode won't be changed in near future (SS: a player complained that this mode is too heavily defense-biased)
- according to Storm, the fact whether the vehicles are historical or not (like, whether they really existed) has the same priority as the other parameters for new vehicles (as a reaction on why there are so many prototypes)
- the IS-3 turret size is a bit smaller than it should be, it'll be fixed - the ST-I size is okay however
- "battles without arty" mode is not planned
- a mode where you directly select the map you want to play in random is not planned
- it is not planned to have the test server accounts with all the tanks in the garage and equipment on them, for "some technical reasons"
- no night maps in 2013
- no rocket tanks in 2013
- SerB gets occasionaly recognized on the streets
- no plans to remove the small time gap between the last tank destroyed/battle capped and return to the hangar


  1. "- no rocket tanks in 2013"

    is it about rocket artillery like russian katyusha and other nations counterparts or is it something I am not aware of?

  2. Possibly it means things like the RBT-5 which has been listed as a premium for ages and is a BT series tank with a pair of large rockets strapped to the turret.


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