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Jan 22, 2013


- Russian server new player record is 728k at the same time
- the Tiger(P) might appear in historical battles, because one vehicle fought in real life (SS: I hope I translated this correctly)
- it's not clear whether there will be more "boss battle" events (SS: regarding the White Tiger event where 15 T-34's fought against the special Tiger P), not specifically denied however
- there will probably be no developer plan published for 2013 (Serb thinks it's not really needed)
- there is no way of detecting whether the camo bonus on the fallen tree is "working", Serb states "use common sense" (SS: it was answered earlier that the camo bonus of the fallen tree activates only when the tree hits the ground and "stops" moving - and only for the crown part of the tree)
- SerB doesn't watch WoT streams
- it is possible that the whole German arty branch might be lifter up by one tier when the tier 10 arties come (eg. new vehicles get inserted at tier 2-3), it's also possible that ALL arty vehicles might be rebalanced in connection with that
- SerB answering to a player complaining about the Chaffee not having any advantages over T71: "Neither of them has any significant advantage regarding their sum of characteristics. If there were any advantages found, the characteristics would get changed. There is no need to lobby on their behalf, we are not the US Congress."
- the devs are tracking average battle time, it's roughly 7 mins and it didn't change too much in last year
- the type of shells loaded has no influence on the vehicle's MM (SS: if you load gold ammo, you won't get worse MM)
- regarding Chinese crew radioman perks - they always apply on the person that is responsible for the radio (historically), f.x. Type 62 - the commander etc.
- Leopard 1 will most likely have the L7A1 gun (the same as the FV4202 has), it will probably fire HESH shells as gold ammo
- the chat quickcommand "ready!" is not planned for near future
- there are "several millions" of players, who play the game at least once per month, but the exact numbers aren't disclosed apart from the public PR releases
- when tier 10 arties are introduced, the XP and credit price of the whole branch unlock will be roughly the same as with the other branches
- SerB states that the players do prefer the tanks of their own nation (Russians the Russian tanks, Germans the German tanks etc.)
- it's not excluded more TOG-2-like tanks (WW1 relics, slow, lot of HP) will be introduced
- no plans to increase the crew rank beyond "Major"
- no hardcap (SS: as in maximum number per battle) planned for light tanks (because they have the same gameplay as other tanks and because SerB views the hardcap as a temporary and bad solution) - Storm earlier said there would be a solution for light tanks, but that's more along the lines of "the same amount of scouts per battle"
- according to SerB, all the server populations had their difficulties: "Americans don't like challenges, Russian servers had performance issues and the Chinese love pay-to-win".
- player rating re-work? "if we plan to do it, we'll tell you sooner or later"
- the new German medium line won't have its modules unified with other German lines, as the guns and the engines are quite different
- Q: "EU server has march for 8.4 and the RU server has february, will you troll us every month like that?" A: "Will you troll us every day by not reading previous answers and posting bullshit?"
- the Chinese tier 2 Vickers' cylindrical turret is historical
- the prepared Stalingrad map is meant for WoWp, not WoT (SS: there were rumors of Stalingrad map being prepared)


  1. Hey SS, as I read it, a lot of times, Storm and SerB have different answers that contradict each other. I know SerB is the lead developer, but what position is Storm in this? Whos answer should we count as "more chances of being true". I would go for SerB, even if he loves to troll :P


    1. They are roughly equal. But generally it goes like this: Storm usually discloses more info and SerB then says "maybe" when asked about the same thing.

    2. If there was no changes, Storm is WoT main producer, while SerB is responsible for all WG games, so in other words he is Storm's boss.

  2. "...and the chinese love pay-to-win". No wonder 0.8.3 was about "long anticipated" soviet/french/US made chinese tanks with yellow-red star instead of 2nd German TD line promised looooong ago. Good work on this one, WG. At least you admitted it's all about the chinese cash.

    Best regards
    Denial of God

    1. The second German TD branch doesn't seem to be finished yet. They said before, that the Chinese tree was actually ment for the Chinese server only at first.
      The Chinese community went from 0 to place number two with 2 million players, they had to do something.


      What do you mean with "...more chances for people like me to play this game for free" ?

      Greetings Snortsch

  3. I'm getting sick and tired of you "WG didn't do what I wanted" people. And why in Gods name are you amazed they went for the money? They are a bloody company, they have employees, rents and development to pay for. Hell, if the Chinese pay so well, that is more money for development and more chances for people like me to play this game for free.
    So the next time you are upset that "WG didn't do what you wanted", grow up, stop believing in Santa Claus and stop thinking you are the center of the Universe. Play, say something constructive or shut the hell up.
    End of rant.

    1. agree on this as well. yes wot still has some edges wich might need some sanding, but realy it is a great game (the first one for me since a long time i continue playing like that)

  4. You know, the more I read this, the more I'm convinced SerB is one nasty arrogant son of a bitch...


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