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Jan 2, 2013

2.1.2013 part 2

- SerB's answer on the complaint of (once again) ubalanced tier 10 battles (this time flooded with scouts): "For better balanced games go play companies"
- it's possible the "option" (previously: an exploit) of re-training your crew to the tank you don't physically have in your garage might return
- a player asked about the return of the Type 59 and about the arty nerf. Answer: 42 days of RO ban
- when you camp behind a bush and someone rams you and moves you, it is considered a movement (eg. will get you demasked)
- about the removing of the M107 French shell: "It can still be used on the 155 Lorraine"
- there might be implemented a historical info to each of the camouflages (where and how it was used) one day
- Mouse Trap archievement was not removed
- the devs are not sorry about the cases where they implement the vehicles and the vehicles aren't popular, as these practically don't exist
- nerfs and stat changes are legally okay - EULA refers to the fact that WG can change the ingame properties as they want
- "If the FV215b is moved to the TD branch and new tank is introduced instead of it, the player stats will most likely be transferred to the FV215b TD" (SS: so, they ARE considering a transfer and not a FV215b copy after all)


  1. Nice to see ur blog, a good thing u can post uncensored stuff now. Adding to favorits right now!

  2. Great. This makes it easier to follow your posts and perhaps talk about stuff WG wouldn't allow on their forums. Comments are now organized and information doesn't get lost in the sea of off-topic discussions.

  3. Grats on the blog! Already subscribed :)

  4. Well done mate, like this will have our reliable source of information and you`ll not get censured again.

  5. thanks to your efforts i probably quit the game.. Is no sense to play free if my gaming make other ppl play those bribed assholes!!!!


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