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Jan 19, 2013


- El-Halluf won't be removed from the map pool for rework
- Serene Coast is scheduled for rework (SS: in 8.4)
- it's possible low tier Chinese tree tanks such as the Carro Veloce CV-33, Japanese Ha-Go and Panzer I will be introduced
- IS-3 will most likely not be introduced as Chinese premium heavy
- the small pictures (icons) of the tank in the hangar are supposed to be made according to how the tank looked in real life
- it's possible the assault mode will have the battle time increased from 10 minutes (but unsure)
- no 105mm L/100 gun planned for the E-50M ("it looks like a fishing pole even on E-100")
- Canadians tanks - it's 100 percent sure they won't get their own tree, but they might appear in the British tree in the Commonwealth part
- T-43 icon won't be changed (SS: some player complained the gun on the icon is unhistorical)
- regarding the fact how will the Japanese Chi-Ha named when the "Chi-Ha" ingame name is in the Chinese tree already: "we'll see"
- German TD "Elefant" won't be introduced as a special vehicle (premium or otherwise) as the differences between Elefant and Ferdinand were very few
- the 75mm Konish gun for the Tiger? "not for now"
- E50M shell prices weird? "ingame economy reasons"
- accumulated XP from tanks won't be freely transferrable
- a "duel" mode (2v2) was mentioned.... (SS: really unclear, probably just a rumor - "If this is implemented - I'll let you know")
- Japanese premium tank in advance before the tree itself? (SS: like the Type was for Chinese and Matilda BP for the British) - "unclear" (as in not decided yet)
- more clan functions planned (when it's done it's done)
- the Soviet gun copy on the Type T-34 weights more than the Soviet original - it's probably just a typo in description
- no real additional details on the German TD branch (supposedly it comes after the German medium branch)
- SerB and Storm prefer to walk and to go by train, SerB has an old Moskvich in the garage and doesn't feel the need to buy a better car
- it's possible that tier 7 arty will not become tier 9 automatically, compensations for "expectations" are unlikely
- private messages within battles are unlikely, in order for the message not to interfere with the battle itself
- the rumor that WoT will move to different engine are false
- identical turrets of the Chinese IS-2? "If you don't want it, don't research it"
- there will probably be free camera in replays

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  1. "- it's possible low tier Chinese tree tanks such as the Carro Veloce CV-33, Japanese Ha-Go and Panzer I will be introduced"

    Lol, maybe move all tanks in that game to the Chinese tree, boys in Beijing will be happy,

    It is big achievement to kill my love to tank game, WG is just doing it, with those terrible ideas


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