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Jan 11, 2013

11.1.2013 part 2

- it's not clear yet whether the DW will be DW1 or DW2 or combination of both or whether it will really be designated as a heavy tank
- Q: "Since you ban nazi-named clans, will you ban homosexual-named clans too? After all children play the game" A: "A necrozoopedophile came visiting, tiny dead animals he brought with him" (SS: end of quote - and yes, it does rhyme in Russian) - apparently not, devs will ban only those names that are illegal by law
- 105mm L/100 gun - devs tried to implement such a weapon, looked horrible, was scrapped
- D-25 won't have its accuracy buffed. Devs state that its real-life accuracy was comparable to the German 88 L/71 and if they implemented it as such, everyone would be playing Russian tanks only
- devs don't think it's wrong (and unbalanced) that tanks from different eras fight each other (SS: for example that the Tiger was so overhyped and yet when facing T8-9 it underperforms)
- SerB states that if the amount of arty per battle doesn't drop after the introduction of tier 10 arty, more nerfs will come
- there is a possibility smokescreens will eventually make it into the game, but so far it's just an idea (SS: technical reasons, smoke is quite requiring)

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